My experience with almost feeling like an imposter at work

A girl standing in a park with a cardboard box over her head.


Rays of light are gleaming through the white vintage windows in whimsical patterns brightening up the entire office. They render artsy shadows on the walls, floors, and tables energising the space and your productivity. Your teammates are brainstorming compelling problems and turn to you for your thoughts. There’s a…

It’s time to come out

Have you noticed how our world is divided into creative and non-creative professions. Deep thinking, innovative explorers vs evidence driven, methodical doers. Peas in two different pods.

This is an illusion.

When you think of creatives, you may implicitly think of artists, designers, makers, writers, inventors, dancers and any other…

Smriti Swaminathan

Product Designer @ Zendesk, based in Melbourne. I play, create and write at the intersection of design, technology and wellbeing.

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