Curating design presentations that resonate

Photo by 祝 鹤槐 from Pexels

Finding the story behind your presentations

But the way I see it, it is time for presentations to become more human-centred. We create brilliant design solutions for people and many a times fail to display that sense of empathy in our presentations.

An example slide from a design presentation I gave last year

What is the current situation of the product / service? ( Before the plot twist )

What does it need to be better? ( Introduce the plot twist )

What is your solution ? ( The core of the plot twist )

Why does the client need your solution? ( Reaction to the plot twist )

How does it help their users achieve their goals or improve their experience?
( Introduce the happy ending and iterate how your characters feel at this point of the journey )

Visualisations and prototypes of the solution ( The core of the happy ending )

Conclude by driving the “happy ending” home.

Introduce the plot twist

Driving the happy ending home



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